Excel Spreadsheet

1. Using the population and sample data, develop 5 different hypothesis problems.
2. Clearly state the hypothesis.
3. Conduct the test of hypothesis to determine the accuracy of the hypothesis by rejecting or not rejecting your null hypothesis.
I will send attachments of my data and an example of what the hypothesis tests should look like.
The sample research project I attached is only for use as an example for the set up/format of the hypothesis problems. The Excel attachment I have attached has the actual data to be used to develop the hypothesis problems. For example one hypothesis problem could be,\\\”ABC believes the average amount of calories is 100. A random sample of 20 items was taken with a mean of 160 and standard deviation of 117. Does the sample provide enough evidence to reject the claim?\\\”
Instruction files

sample_research_project_-_math_only.pdf(874,40 KiB)
excel_hypothesis_information.xlsx(9,90 KiB)

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