Excessive Alcohol Consumption Especially Among Youths (18-29) in Cameron County

Paper: The first submission of the proposal must establish the public health significance of the issue that will be addressed and provide evidence of the need for action in the population. This submission must also include a conceptual model for the project. Submission 1 must include 2 pages of text, as well as the project specific conceptual model (1 page) and reference list.1) Establish public health significanceSummarize, general topice.g. Reproductive age femalesFocus on specific topice.g. fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)2) Need for actionGap that needs to be filledFocus on your specific populatione.g. lack of data on FAS and related disorders in Harris county (or even Texas as a whole)3) Conceptual model specific to project!YOUR TOPIC will be about the policy or policies evaluation or create policies to reduce alcohol consumption among that specific population (MEXICAN-AMERICANS IN CAMERON COUNTY, TEXAS age 18-29). You need to be well aware of the existing policies!I will upload the class powerpoints how to make a conceptual model and other powerpoints that you should read in addition to your research. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. I will also upload a paper I wrote about the topic to also guide you and I will also upload my group conceptual model as an example.Written DocumentsThe text portion (including references) for the individual proposal parts, final proposal and all text components of the group proposal packet must use the following formats:• Arial 12 point font• 1 inch margins• Double-space• Left justified text• Last name and page number in upper right headerAll tables and figures should be placed after the text. References should follow the tables and figures. The following formats may be used for tables (including evidence tables) and figures (including the conceptual model):• 11 point font• ½ inch margins• Single-space• Justification as appropriate to the document• Last name and page number in upper right headerDocuments should be provided as Word files (unless specified otherwise) labeled as: Last Name_Assignment_date. For example, Name_Submission1_22JUN16.All text documents must be submitted through Turnitin. Students are responsible for submitting assignments to Turnitin, interpreting the report and revising the document as necessary prior to submitting the document for peer-review or grading. Questions about Turnitin and the interpretation of Turnitin reports should be directed to the TA.All assignments must be submitted as a single Word document (i.e. text, tables, figures and references in a single document). The final proposal packet may be submitted as either a single Word document or as a pdf.

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