An essay that requires (but not limited to) specific use of unit readings (attached) on one of the following topics:1. Discuss the difference between Existentialism and Existenz philosophy.2. Philosophy and literature: Discuss the possible connections between literature and the philosophies of human existence found in this unit.3. ‘What is Angst?’ Discuss three thinkers from this unit and their approach to this question.4. Discuss Patočka’s account of a “philosophy which takes movement as its basic concept and principle” (Patočka, “The Movement of Human Existence: A Selection from Body, Community, Language, World”, §18, 277).5. Compare the theories of human existence of three philosophers discussed in this unit, and explain why you chose these three.*more details about the essay are attached*p.s. format is not restricted to APA, however I\’ve only ever used APA myself, thus my choice in preferred format

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