Expand on-line presence by selling pet accessories, sold exclusively on-line direct to consumer, eliminate middle man mark-up and thereby growing volume and markup.

MGT4402-Introduction to BA II Final Project
Due Date: April 15, 2016
A) Group Submission Details
This project is worth 25% of your final grade. I will review the project and assign a grade.
Team members will provide a peer evaluation, individual logs, team log and team Contract along with the project submission as part of the appendix.
The project grade will be given to the team member with the highest peer evaluation. Then the other team member grades will be pro-rated depending on the peer evaluation they receive. For example, I determine that the project receives a grade of 75/100. The highest peer evaluation was 98/100. That person earns a project grade of 75/100. Another team member receives a peer evaluation of 70. Their project grade will be
75 X 0.7 = 52.5/100.
Submit project through Black Board and make sure it does not match more than 5% of the contents on the network
Project report will be 8 to 12 pages in length.
The report must be a professional document with appropriate structure including title, page numbering, table of contents, appropriate section headings, appendices and references.
Use a combination of material covered in class, articles and your own research from different sources with the proper references.
The primary objective of this project is to be able to apply business analysis concepts/ principles/processes to the business opportunity.
Creation of Current State and future state (Process diagrams)
Performing the gap analysis
Solution Evaluation
Group job distribution: (Please indicate who is doing what part of the project)
Group Member Name Job Description
Team Member 1
Team Member 2
Team Member 3
Team Member 4
Team Member 5

B) Business Opportunity Details
Business Case: petSIM
You have been given the role of creating a business opportunity to support the president’s vision.
petSIM Corporation Ltd
petSIM is an independently owned pet food company, catering to pet food retailers consisting of large chain stores, food emporiums and other retail clients. It has a country-wide distribution network, with 1,500 Tier 1 to Tier 4 customers. Gross annual income is approximately $180,000,000 range. petSIM has three product lines: Dog Food (Puppy, Adult, Senior), Cat Food (Kitten, Adult, Senior) and Accessories. Almost 89% of petSIM’s revenue comes from pet food sales, while the remaining 11% is derived from accessories and special new product developments for major retail outlets.
petSIM is a family owned producer of pet foods and pet accessories, based in East Battleford Saskatchewan, Canada. The company’s roots trace back to the mid-20th century where it literally grew from a ‘kitchen’ industry to the multimillion-dollar business it is today. Incorporated decades ago by Sarah Ida McIntosh (the SIM in petSIM) her husband Cameron joined petSIM shortly afterward. Their son Alan (current CEO of petSIM) has managed continuous growth throughout petSIM’s history. Founded on Quality the company takes great pride in its industry leadership in that sector. Privately owned, Sarah and Cameron focused on its employees and community making it the desired workplace in west central Saskatchewan.
Today, petSIM is a member of the Pet Food Association of Canada and the Pet Food Association of Canada Export Committee. It is being managed by an Executive Team consisting of a CEO, a VP Of Finance, VP of Operations and a VP of Sales and Marketing.
Bert McIntosh, Alan’s younger brother, recently completed his degree in Project Management and wants to take petSIM to the next level and become the leader of the industry. Bert is a realist and a visionary. To prepare petSIM for the future requires changes in Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, and IT, positioning to exploit the full potential of petSIM in a competitive global environment.
Business Strategy
Bert’s business strategy is as clear as his corporate strategy. In order to grow in a highly competitive global economy, petSIM will:
Invest in new technology, thereby lowering operating costs without sacrificing product quality
Launch new products such as the first company to offer dog litter products and on-line a la carte ordering process for customized gourmet food products
Expand on-line presence by selling pet accessories, sold exclusively on-line direct to consumer, eliminate middle man mark-up and thereby growing volume and markup
Expand into the US market by launching a white-label product with targeted national retailers
Re-structuring petSIM to improve operations and corporate governance
petSIM is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of high quality pet products to the North American market.
petSIM will leverage its technology and innovation leadership in the pet products industry to grow sales to $1B within 10 years.
petSIM’s Company Pledge
Our company, which my mother Sarah I. McIntosh founded, is proud to bring you this quality product. Using our secret, tried and true family recipes handed down through each generation ensure a consistent high quality product is closely guarded by each generation of the McIntosh family. petSIM products are lovingly prepared, using only the finest ingredients and the greatest of care, so that your pet can savor our secret recipes in every morsel of every brand. To our family that is more than a slogan…it is our promise to bring exceptional flavor and nutrition to your pets…every time.
Current Situation
Tactically, petSIM identified a number of initiatives to improve human resources, grow and provide improved future planning. However, the current decentralized and fractional information system prevents this from occurring. The Executive team wishes to grow the business, however with no Corporate Strategy or plan nor accurate data, the vision remains a dream.
The inconsistency in the data stalled the “Headcount” initiative and HR is back to square one with its automation effort. An inability to capture Sales and Market stats because of the labour intensive requirement of the procedures prevents them from proper forecasting, thereby having very little view into the future. Competitive intelligence is limited. They continue to market and sell to the same existing customers through the same channels. With no formalized training programs for the Sales and Marketing team, new Sales Representatives have little or no understanding of individual product profitability. Reports explain what happened as oppose to predicting future results.
These problems reinforce the view of the evils of technology and the incompetence of the IT department.
Your group is responsible for:
1. Creating a business case supporting Bert’s vision
a) Prepare a formal document which will state and model the current state of the petSIM.
b) Define the actual root cause of the issues being faced at petSIM
c) Create the future state (To be model) of the petSIM based on Bert’s vision
d) Identify the gaps between the “as is” and “to be” state of the business
e) Propose more than one solution to address the gaps
2. Analyzing the solutions
a) Put the face value on each solution (approximate cost)
b) Estimate the potential benefits of a particular solution
c) Perform cost/benefit analysis (NPV and IRR)
d) Propose the most suitable solution


Please give your comments regarding your team member’s work and contribution to the final project using the space below. Be sure to specify and provide detailed examples when necessary.
(Make copies of this table for each member)
NAME Comments
Your Name
Name of member 1
Name of member 2
Name of member 3
Name of member 4
Name of member 5
(if applicable)
Assuming you’re continuing to work with the same team, what have you learned from this experience and would do differently next (Provide your comments below)
Using the team member evaluation form in conjunction with the contract your team has signed, complete the following:
Each team member assigns themselves a mark out of 10 for each of the six (6) areas identified on the evaluation form.
Each team member assigns their team members a mark out of 10 for each of the six (6) areas identified on the evaluation form.
The evaluation may impact each individual team member’s grade only at the discretion of the professor.
4. Completing this form is a required part of the course.
5. Unresolved issues, if any, will be referred to the professor.
Your Signature: Date:
Please assign a number on scale below that best reflects the team members’ contribution to that component of the course work.

SCALE: Never 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Always

Description (Name)
Group Member (Name)
Group Member (Name)
Group Member (Name)
Group Member (Name)
Group Member
Attendance at meetings
Participation and contribution during meetings
Completed the agreed upon work assignments and met deadlines
Provided ideas, information, and editing during the preparation of the final report/presentation.
Contributed the production of the final project including organization, word processing, assembly, etc.
Demonstrated OR assisted the leadership by facilitating teamwork and overcoming obstacles.
Your Team has $1000 to split among team members, please allocate this amount by giving each team member his/her share based on the performance

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