Expanding Access to Adult Literacy with Online Distance Education.

You are to analysis and evaluate
The below reference resources

1. Information Literacy and Adult Learners

2. Expanding Access to Adult Literacy with Online Distance Education

3. Literacy Practitioners’ Perspectives on Adult Learning Needs and Technology Approaches in Indigenous Communities

4. From Heroic Victims to Competent Comrades Views of Adult Literacy Learners in the Research Literature

5. Developing Promotional Materials for Adult Literacy Programs

6. Financial Literacy: A Critical Adult Education Appraisal. .

7. Identifying Stakeholder Needs

8. Broadening Our Perspectives on Adult Literacy, Numeracy, and Problem-Solving Skills with PIAAC Data: A Commentary on The Centre for Literacy’s 2014 Summer Institute

You are to do a brief summary each of the eight resource references, critically analyze and evaluate each of the resource references.
You are not to give a concise description of the eight resource references, you are to select what parts of each of the 8 research references to discuss that relate to and support Funding For an Adult Online Literacy Program
Each of the eight resource references must also include
A Citation and brief summary of the article
A Research questions/hypothesis addressed in the article
A Author(s)’ conclusions
A Implications of the article for future research
A Implications of the article for professional practice
A Explanation of how this article supports Funding For Adult Online Literacy Program

This essay must be original. There is go no direct quoting referencing used.
Each of the eight resources references must have matching intext citations.
Also please no abbreviations for words, all words must be spelled out

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