Explain a variety of theories of leadership.

This part of the assignment requires you to critically evaluate the leadership of Apple Inc. A starting point might be to consider the leadership of the previous CEO Steve Jobs with reference to the literature on leadership. Steve Jobs’ leadership style was often praised – see a Harvard Business Review article of his leadership in this link (Steve Jobs).
Your critique of Steve Jobs’ leadership will incorporate a regard for his strengths as a leader, but also criticisms with regard to his traits and behaviors, and reference to key leadership theories and perspectives.

You should read widely on theories of leadership, styles of leadership and critical leadership, and apply these critically to Steve Jobs. You should also incorporate a regard for the ethics of leadership. In critically evaluating leadership at Apple Inc you may want to compare his style with other leaders, including his successor as CEO at Apple Inc. Tim Cook.

• Use the case study provided!
• Notice it asks you to ‘Use leadership theory and concepts’ in the analysis and evaluation of the leadership case study…. ‘.
• And the single case study question is: ‘Using leadership theory and concepts critically evaluate the operation of leadership in this case.
• How many ‘theories’? 2, 3? Which ones?
• Same theories as referred to in part one or different? It is up to you
• You might consider ethical issues in the case (learning outcome 2)?
A decision is to be made:
Do you focus on Tom’s leadership? Or leadership in the organization more generally with Tom as part of this? You decide

1.Explain a variety of theories of leadership.

2. Explain competing positions regarding the ethics of leadership.

3. Critically evaluate case studies of organizational leadership.

5. Analyze different styles of leadership and show an understanding of why/how different styles of leadership might be effective.

Remember the criteria:
• Critical reflection on experience (40%)
• Suggestions for personal development (10%)
• Application of academic concepts and models to the analysis of cases and your own development (30%)
• Presentation including language and grammar (10%)
• Referencing (10%)

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