Explain Contemporary Issues in World Politics

Art, Robert J. and Robert Jervis. International Politics: Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues 11th ed. Boston, MA: Pearson, 2013.

Jervis, The Era of Leading Power Peace, p. 292
Art, The United States and the Rise of China, p. 306

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Western and Goldstein, Humanitarian Intervention Comes of Age, p. 333

Valentino, The True Costs of Humanitarian Intervention, p. 339
Downes, To the Shores of Tripoli, p. 346
skim Hartzell and Hoddie, Crafting Peace through Power Sharing, p. 353

Howard and Donnelly, Human Rights in World Politics, p. 362
Ratner, International Law: The Trials of Global Norms, p. 373

Williams, Transnational Organized Crime and the State, p. 384

Lin, Cyber Conflict and National Security, p. 395
Dupont, The Strategic Implications of Climate Change, p. 459

Waltz, Globalization and Governance, p. 426
Ikenberry, The Future of the Liberal World Order, p. 436

Posen, Emerging Multipolarity: Why Should We Care? p.552

The last set of readings relate to contemporary issues, particularly as they relate to U.S. foreign policy. After reading the chapters, imagine that you are an adviser for the next elected U.S. president. What would you advise in terms U.S. intervention, adherence to international law and use of international institutions? Should the role of the U.S. be one of unilateralism or multilateralism under the new administration? Is the U.S. still a global hegemon or is it challenged by a rising China or a growing multipolar world? Does sovereignty still matter, or has globalization and a liberal world order eroded the Westphalian system? Is the state still relevant in a more globalized world?

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