Explain device breakdown and the physics responsible for the breakdown (impact ionization effect for example).

After finishing your modelling task, YOU MUST produce 4 PAGE (single column, 11pt Arial font) written report having at least 3 sections:
Section 1: Introduction;
Section 2: SILVACO;
Section 3: Results and Discussion (minimum 2 pages!).

You can also include conclusions and reference sections.

Introduction Section:

You will present cross sectional diagram of the BJT device, name device’s regions and contacts; explain how device is biased to achieve different I-V characteristics. Explain device breakdown and the physics responsible for the breakdown (impact ionisation effect for example).

Silvaco Section:

You will describe input files used in the simulation (it can be three different files, one for Gummel plot, one for output I-V characteristic and one for the breakdown simulation) in a very similar manner they are described on the SILVACO website. Do not include (copy-paste) large areas of the input file, only those you will describe, such as model for the breakdown, setting up the voltage bias, etc.

Results and Discussion Section:

You must include I-V characteristics describing Gummel plot, set of output I-V characteristics and the breakdown characteristic. You will need to explain and discuss the results, for example how the base current affects the collector current for different collector-emitter voltages, physics behind device breakdown, etc.

Once this is accomplished, to get extra marks you can continue your investigation by modifying input file simulating output characteristics to account for the breakdown effect as well. If successful, you should include these results in the report. Also, from the Gummel plot you can try to calculate B parameter (Ic/Ib) for example.

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