Explain how tactical analysis can prevent and deter crime.

Click here for the Chicago Police Department Citizen Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting Web site. You will select a different beat for a 2-week time period. Using variables such as mode, median, and mean on the available data to determine the most pressing issues, create a memo covering the following topics:

Administrative Analysis: Compare the data, and include demographic data, especially socioeconomic data and the impact on criminal activity. (Week 2)

Tactical Analysis: Explain how tactical analysis can prevent and deter crime. Explain the differences of patterns, series, and trends, and discuss modus operandi.(Week 3)

Strategic Analysis: Discuss possible causes for the criminal incidents, and examine possible policing strategies to reduce the criminal activity. Focus on a specific issue, and discuss what budgetary and personnel allocations need to be addressed to resolve this issue. (Week 4)

Also, examine if modus operandi or criminal trends are prevalent.


Chicago Police Department. (n.d.). CLEAR

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