Explain how we can communicate our understanding of cities / places in diagrammatic form.

Week eight: Friday 13th November: Diagramming the City
This week we look at how we can communicate our understanding of cities / places in diagrammatic form. Diagrams are not maps. If we wanted maps we could simply trace them from the Ordnance Survey / Digimap. Diagrams present the result of our analysis of a place. They cannot be drawn until we have done research.
We explored the ideas of diagrams through looking at a number of cities.
First we looked at London and in particular three themes:
-the growth of London as the city and Westminster the latter being centred on monarchical power (Buckingham Palace) political power (Parliament and Whitehall) and People (Trafalgar Sq)
– the section of London north from the South Bank to the suburbs beyond the Regents Canal. This demonstrates the strata of different activities and interests as you move north.
– the lost rivers of London: to show how the natural topography is really important but often lost and unseen by those using the city today.
The weeks reading also focussed on the London Underground diagram and its separation form surface reality.
After London we explored Dublin
The diagrammed the geographical and historical juxtaposition of buildings and spaces within the city from its earliest origins to the present. In particular we looked at how independence and the fact that Ireland became a republic in 1949 changed the diagram.
And then we looked at San Fransisco
The citys history and European / modern urban pattern was explained with photos and drawings
We drew three diagrams showing aspects of the city: (i) links to Europe, China and South / Central America (ii) communications (iii) open spaces for which you should research and complete the diagram for the area of north San Fransisco

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