Explain large estimates or very small estimates (including zero).

Using the budget template provided in the module resources and your chosen final project scenario, build a proposed budget for your project. Consider all aspects of your project. Be sure to add notes to the template to provide reasons for some of the estimates, especially to explain large estimates or very small estimates (including zero).
Chosen Scenario
Scenario 3: Training Room Computer Upgrades Your company is planning to upgrade four computer-based training rooms. These rooms currently have 25 computers in each room, each on its own network, with each network connected into the central company LAN. You have been assigned the project manager role for this project.
Each of the computers in the training room has old software and an out-of-date operating system. Each computer will be replaced with a new physical machine that includes a new operating system and new training software. The new operating system and software must be compatible with the current company network.
You will need to coordinate the determination of the new hardware and the new software. You will need to determine the needs of the training department to ensure that all of their requirements are met with the new hardware and software. You will also need to coordinate and schedule the removal of the old hardware and installation of all the new hardware and software in the training rooms

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