Explain the process you used to complete the Risk Matrix.

Build a risk matrix using MS Excel for Your Selected Course Project (Upgrade current network infrastructure). Identify eight project procurement risks specific to Your Selected Course Project.

Include the following in your Excel Risk Matrix: Risk title, likelihood, impact, compounded risk score, assumptions, and prevention or response. You must quantitatively rate likelihood and impact for each of the eight risks you must calculate a compounded risk score for each risk by determining the product of the impact and likelihood ratings.

Perform research on the Internet using scholarly sources to find an explanation of an approach or method that a project team can use or has used to determine risk and likelihood ratings for project risks.

Upload the Excel spreadsheet containing the Risk Matrix that you compiled. Upload a Word document containing at least two pages of content in which you (a) explain the process you used to complete the Risk Matrix and (b) discuss the approach or method you found through your research by which a project team can arrive at risk and likelihood ratings for project risks

Use the Upload Assignment button below to submit your Excel and Word files

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