Explain when and how to use the instructional method of direct instruction.

Answer the following questions for chapters 10 to 13 from the book named Parkay, F.W., (2014). Becoming a Teacher Enhanced Pearson etext- -Access Card 10th edition. Pearson ISBN: 9780134016092
It will be completed as short essay responses.
Chapter 10
1) List behaviors that research has found to be associated with effective teaching.
2)Explain when and how to use the instructional method of direct instruction.
3) What are the three steps you would use in “modeling” ?
Chapter 11
4) Describe the unique characteristics of macro and micro level curriculum planning.
5) Describe the two types of academic standards most often prepared by state education agencies, local school districts, and professional associations.
6) Discuss what is meant by ” performance standards” and why they require teacher judgment.
Chapter 12
7) What are three types of information teachers typically derive from classroom assessments?
8) Why is assessing students ‘ learning not a straightforward process?
9) What are the four “guiding principles ” professional educators should keep in mind when developing classroom assessments?
Chapter 13
10) Describe ways in which the educational technology of the twenty- first century is likely to look in the classroom.
11) Describe one way in which educational technology might be used to promote inquiry-oriented learning among the students. ( Be certain to make clear what grade level and academic discipline you are discussing. Be certain, too, to emphasize use of powerful hypermedia that are interesting multifaceted, and relevant. ) Refer to ISTE standards.

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