Explain why that strategy is critical to the organizations future success.

Learning Activity #1

Now is the time to select a strategy; during the previous week you identified strategic alternatives for either Subway or Southwest (those alternatives were the next step from the IFE and EFE that were created in Week 3). It is now time to take the next step and review the strategic alternatives selected last week and identify a single strategy to implement. Remember that organizations have limited resources, i.e., they can’t do everything, they must select a strategy to move forward to implement.

In this learning activity you will use the QSPM tool to review the alternatives identified in Week 4 and select ONE strategy to move forward. Create the QSPM in this learning activity.

Learning Activity #2

Provide a detailed explanation of the ONE strategy identified in Learning Activity #1 this week to move forward. Explain why that strategy is critical to the organizations future success; be sure to use material from Week 3 to support this explanation.

Offer supporting rationale for your explanation and be sure to reference your statements using proper APA formatting

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