Explore an area of the San Diego/Tijuana Border region using Google Earth/Maps.

Explore an area of the San Diego/Tijuana Border region using Google Earth/Maps. Conduct
some initial research about an area of your interest. The students will research the history and
current situation of the proposed site and how it is important to Mexico/US Border relations.
After preliminary research, the student will visit the site to observe, interview people and/or
conduct a short survey in the area in order to gain ground truth for their research paper. The
student will write about their experience and then use this experience and the historical research
to begin working of their research paper. Students will elaborate on their methodology of their
research trip and expand with personal thoughts from their observation and project their feelings
with a new and more knowledgeable perspective in order to create the best design for their final
APA format w/citations
3 page minimum & cover page (does not count towards your 3 pages)
Why did you chose this area? Why is it particular interesting to you? How does it relate
to MX/US Border studies?
Why did you choose this specific project type and what is its significance to MX/US
Border studies? (Museum, cultural center, water treatment plant, etc)
Which methods did you use to study the area?
o Observation? (Observation note content)
o Interview? (Who? Why did you choose them? Interview content and analysis)
o Survey? (What type of survey? How did you set it up? Instrument? Describe the
results and analysis?
What did you observe about the natural environment?…the people? the built
environment? the atmosphere? any interesting antidotes?
Use spell-check and re-read your final draft out loud before submitting
Include Appendix
o At least 2 maps of site area (macro/micro)
o At least 6 photos of architecture in area, surroundings, interesting items, street
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