Explore how social psychology has been applied to real world problems by sampling past issues of the Journal of Social Issues.

For the term paper we will be exploring how social psychology has been applied to real world problems by sampling past issues of the Journal of Social Issues. Each issue of this journal is focused on a different social problem. The inside rear cover of each issue lists the topics that have been covered during the past twelve years. Recent issues have examined social psychological approaches to studying hate crimes, euthanasia, affirmative action, youth violence, and inequalities in higher education. Each issue begins with an article prepared by the editors of that particular issue. This introductory article provides background on the social issue and on key social psychological perspectives that are relevant to the problem. Then the introductory article provides a brief summary of the contents of each article in the issue (which typically number 8 to 10).The writing assignment will consist of:1) Identifying an issue of the journal that includes articles related to a topic that you would like to further explore.2) Summarizing the introductory article and 2 additional articles of your choice.Your paper should be no longer than 4 double-spaced pages. Your goal is, like a journal article abstract, to provide the greatest amount of necessary detail in the smallest and most succinct way possible. Remember that you must put information about each of the three journal articles in your own words. Students caught plagiarizing will receive a failing grade for the course and be subject to SMC disciplinary action.For organizational purposes, you may use the title of the article and the authors last names as a heading and provide your summary below each of the three headings.To access the Journal of Social Issues via SMC Library:1) Go to Library tab from SMC Homepage2) Select “Books and Other Library Materials” from right-hand side of page3) Make sure you select the “Library Catalog” tab at the top of the page and select “Journal Titles” under Catalog Searches on the right of the page4) On the “Journal and Newspaper Title” page type Journal of Social Issues and click “search”5) You should see two results, the first being the Journal of Social Issues6) Within the Journal of Social Issues result there is a hyperlink called “Academic Search Premier,” click on that7) This will bring you to the page with every journal from 1990 to the Present8) When you click on each year, volumes from that year will appear. This is how you can begin to search for a year and volume number that you will ultimately use to complete this assignment.9) You will need to spend time searching through the approximately 108 volumes to identify a year+volume that is dedicated to a topic that you would like to explore further. Have fun!

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