Figs and Their Wasps

Please find attached a detail description of the assignmentNATURE reveals the importance of an unlikely partnership between a regal tree and a tiny wasp in The Queen of Trees.It may be one of nature’s oddest couples: a tiny wasp that can barely be seen, and a giant fig tree, the sycomore, which shelters a remarkable menagerie of wildlife among its limbs. The wasp and the fig depend on each other for survival. Without the wasp, the tree could not pollinate its flowers and produce seeds. Without the fig, the wasp would have nowhere to lay its eggs.The Queen of Trees shows this delicate dance of survival in exquisite detail, including spectacular close-ups of the wasp’s remarkable life inside a ripening fig. To capture such incredible images, filmmakers Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble spent two years camped out near a giant sycomore fig in Kenya’s outback, documenting the tree’s pivotal role as a source of food and shelter for everything from gray hornbills, Africa’s largest bird, to swarms of invading insects searching for food. In a surprising turn, some insects come to the tree’s aid — sparking a battle you won’t want to miss.Behind the Scenes with the Filmmakers( Food and Shelter( Dependence( Essay: An Extraordinary Ecosystem(’s Fig Trees Under Threat?( 4 paragraphs describing what you have learned after reading and watching the material listed. Word limit: 500 words.a- There should be an introduction where you establish:1- Why the relationship between the fig sycamore tree and the wasps is important.2- Provide background information needed to understand the relationship studied.b- There should be a description of the work done by the journalists:1- What type of data did they collect?2- Is it quantitative or qualitative data?c- You must summarize the results of the project. As a suggestion you could answer the following questions.1- How important do you believe fig sycamore trees are in Kenya?2- Can you predict what would happen if fig sycamore trees are cut down?d- You must write your own conclusion after reading the material and watching the videos.Answer the following questions.1) What is a fig? You should start by a definition, then identify to which kingdom of life it belongs and explain who it reproduces.2) Based on what you have read and watched in PBS how many species benefit from Ficus sycomorus?3) What role do wasps play in the life of the Ficus sycomorus?4) What type of human activity do you believe can be threating Ficus sycomorus trees?

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