Final Project

A paper that covers a current event issue related to personnel selection and evaluation. The paper will of an issue of your choosing based on a list below. You must research the issue, discuss the problem, provide different case studies related to the problem, and provide your thoughts on how to best correct the business issue utilizing the personnel selection and evaluation techniques and topics we covered during the course. All of these topics should be researched and should have a minimum of 4 quality references (i.e. no Wikipedia,, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). I want to see at least 3 scholarly references such as journal articles, other texts (not our text book) that contribute to the topic. You may choose any variation within each of these topics, however your paper must be related to the topic:Question: Wages internally versus externally. Is it justified to bring in a new candidate into an organization at a higher rate of pay? What should be done about existing employees?

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