Financial Contingency Planning: Sources of Funding Paper

Resources: For this assignment use your previously selected public program (SNAP) used in the Week Four assignment, Influences within Public Programs. (I have attached WK4 Paper and some links that may help but this is a FRESH paper so follow instructions below please).

Write a 1,900-word paper in which you evaluate these possible sources of revenue, temporary assistance, and funding assets as part of Financial Contingency Planning. Be sure to address the following sources in your paper:

•    Public-private partners
•    Non-profits
•    Bond issuance
•    Grants
•    Multi-level government financing
•    Effects of taxation
•    Evaluate the role that financial efficiency will play in obtaining this funding at the state and local levels
•    How you would go about identifying the sources of funds for the project

Format your paper according to APA standards. Remember with in-text citations they should look like this (author, year, pg. #).

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