For a multinational enterprise (MNE), what are relative advantages/disadvantages for exporting and importing?Explain

International Business Management

The essay should demonstrate understanding of the relevant theory, with application

to examples. The essay should be 2800-3200 words, excluding referencing.

The following is the essay topic:

“For a multinational enterprise (MNE), what are relative advantages/disadvantages

for exporting and importing? How can the corporate strategy best be served by,

respectively, exporting and importing processes? You should support your argument

with one or more critical case studies”

The basic format of the essay should be a theory, concept or approach which is

critically analyzed. Then a case study or practical examples should be presented that

not only illustrates how the theory can be applied, but also reveals further critical

insights into the theory itself. The conclusion should demonstrate how the case study

can lead to an improvement in the theory.

Student should make all efforts to avoid plagiarism by reading and reflecting on the

information sources before committing their own thoughts to paper; there is never a

reason to copy, although quotations may be occasionally appropriate. Correct Harvard

style referencing should always be used

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