Freedom Riders Discussion

The actions of the “Freedom Riders” were evaluated from many different perspectives by various political factions and personalities in the documentary. First, pick one specific faction or personality depicted in the film that was (at least generally) supportive of the Freedom Riders and one that was (at least generally) opposed to the Freedom Riders. Then (A) explain that faction or personality’s point of view and (B) attempt to put it in an ideological context. (i.e. Tell us where they are coming from ideologically.) [Examples of “specific factions and personalities might include: one of the freedom
riders themselves, Governor Ross Barnett, JFK, Bull Connor, MLK, the KKK mob in Anniston AL, etc.] Please be specific when referring to the film and reference time stamps where possible. Feel free also to comment on anything else you found worthy of discussion from the film.

This link must be used as the one reference for this paper.

“Freedom Riders”

Dolbeare, Kenneth M. & Michael S. Cummings American Political Thought CQ Press, 6th Edition, 2009

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