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Individual Portion: The presentation should include the following: •a specific example of an incident of cybercrime ◦possession or trade in child pornography •details of how your chosen crime could impact your local community •examples of laws that are in place to combat such crimes •description of how the investigation of the cited incident would be benefited by the creation of a cybercrime unit For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the PowerPoint Lab. Please add your file. Group Portion: In a single report for the Police Resource Committee, discuss the best way to present the collection of data. As a team, develop a suitable introduction for your group report. In addition, keep in mind that members of the Police Resource Committee have notoriously short attention spans, so be sure to include a presentation summary that quickly summarizes the important points from the body of your report. : •introduction •every member’s individual report •presentation summary •names of all team members Please Note: Please add your file