Hashtag analysis

Purpose of this writingCuriosity, Openness, Engagement: To demonstrate critical inquiry by observing, questioning, and critiquing your own public situation.Responsibility, Persistence: To use critical inquiry to identify the concern or problem you will address in your course project.Curiosity, Metacognition: To examine the health of the public sphere in your community.Analyze the current conversation and/or evolution of a hashtag. Your analysis should have a thesis (argument), which should be developed through claims and evidence in paragraphs. Analysis of a hashtag should involve rhetorical analysis and rhetorical context analysis: who started it, who is using it, for what purpose (what is the message or purpose), who is the audience, how did the audience respond to the hashtag, what rhetorical strategies were used and how successful were they. The evolution of a hashtag is also part of this analysis – how a hashtag started, survived, and succeeded, and what events (Kairos) influenced its trending. Critical analysis may also involve analysis of gender, class, and race, especially in terms of power in a discourse, but also in terms of hashtag content (message in the conversations) and how it evolved. It is best if you choose a hashtag related to social justice, but you do not have to do so. You will probably use research on the Internet to back your points. Please use MLA 8 format to cite the research both in works cited and (in text by author). In addition, use hyperlinks and screen capture for your presentation.Format: Back your thesis with supporting claims and evidence in the form of examples and screen capture. Use hyperlinks to take us to original source, texts, and images as much as possible.

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