Health Assessment of Children’s Weight

Consider the following examples of pediatric patients and their families:
– Overweight 5-year-old boy with overweight parents
– Slightly overweight 10-year-old girl with parents of normal weight
– 5-year-old girl of normal weight with obese parents
– Slightly underweight 8-year-old boy with parents of normal weight
– Severely underweight 12-year-old girl with underweight parents

* Select one of the examples on which to focus for this Discussion. What health issues and risks may be relevant to the child you selected?

* Based on the risks you identified, consider what further information you would need to gain a full understanding of the child’s health. Think about how you could gather this information in a sensitive fashion.

* Consider how you could encourage parents or caregivers to be proactive toward the child’s health.

** Write an explanation of the health issues and risks that are relevant to the child you selected. Describe additional information you would need in order to further assess his or her weight-related health. Taking into account the parents’ and caregivers’ potential sensitivities, list at least three specific questions you would ask about the child to gather more information. Provide at least two strategies you could employ to encourage the parents or caregivers to be proactive about their child’s health and weight.

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