Health Care Reform Implementation

Week 4 Assignment – Healthcare Reform ImplementationUsing the information from your assigned readings, examine the status of healthcare reform implementation in the state of Ohio.• Has it been effective?• Are there any positive outcomes? Negative?• How is it impacting community health in your state?• Include a discussion on the effect of health care reform on the economics in health care of your state.The following website has some excellent information on healthcare reform. assignment should be a minimum of 600 words, written in APA format. APA format includes title page, introduction, conclusion and reference page. 3 professional references are required for this 40 point assignment.Suggested headings include:Healthcare Reform Overview (Level 1 Headings)Healthcare Reform in My StatePositive Outcomes (Level 2 Headings)Negative OutcomesEconomics in Healthcare (Level 1 Heading)References*Please write from the point of view of the state of Ohio healthcare reform

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