Paper details:the requirement is attached.Each of these elements must be included in the paper for full credit:Describe your home, inside and out. Locate it in your neighborhood and your street. If you know its history, tell it. What is the mood and ambience of your home? What are your feelings about it?What objects – material culture – do you see in your house? What photos, paintings, books, religious or cultural objects, etc. do the main gathering places contain? What story do these ‘artifacts’ tell about the inhabitants of the house? Start by considering possible meanings; then ask the people whose home it is. Consider objects like family photographs, objects with religious, emotional or cultural significance, sports trophies, fridge magnets, books, instruments, even post-it notes, memos and more.Describe the spatial organization of your home. How do people (and pets) use the different areas of the home. What activities take place where? How does the spatial arrangement affect the way people interact? Do you think people might behave differently in a different kind of space? How does the use of space relate to social interaction, privacy/communality, personalities, needs, relationships, hierarchies (eg. of age, gender).What about the kitchen? Who spends time there and for what purpose? What is the significance of this use of the kitchen?What is the significance of this home for the person or people responsible for building, buying or renting it?Ask these people. This is an informal interview.If you are writing about your parents or grandparents home you may never have asked them what their home means to them. Delve into the economics, history, meaning and mood of home for its inhabitants. Who takes care of the house?Optional: Choose one room. Discuss the significance of the room and its objects – their history and meaning, the memories and stories they contain – to the person or people whose room it is.

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