How can Etihad Airways achieve a better customer service satisfaction on board?

Project Overview:Each student is required to develop a research study which is based on the potential business planning for a new hospitality, tourism or leisure-oriented concept, or a diagnostic review for an existing organizational problem, the solution to which may be researched in both the fields of management research and corporate/organizational strategies.Learning Outcomes:1. Identify an industry-based issue or opportunity through research, investigation or critical observation and analysis, and develop an appropriate research study to a defined timescale.2. Propose and employ an appropriate research and reporting strategy in an accepted professional style, and identify and analyze factors relevant to the research, using formal research methods.3. Apply research skills to identify appropriate data from secondary sources, which through analysis will lead to the deductive conclusion of managerial strategies that may be employed to address the business problem identified.4. Select and employ appropriate tools and methods to evaluate research and research findings, based on a specific business and/or academic disciplinary area.5. Evaluate research report findings and make research-based managerial conclusions, implications and applications.Introduction to include an Executive Summary, Background and Research Approach 20%• Background and/or introduction, data collection approach and an Executive SummaryData Presentation, Data Analysis and Research Findings 60%• Data Presentation (30%)• Data analysis and Research findings (30%)Conclusions and Managerial Implications and Applications and possible recommendations. 10%• What are the conclusions that can be drawn from the data presented and how may it contribute to finding the solution to the business problem or opportunity?Synthesis and Referencing 10%• The completion of the research cycle• The cohesive structure and flow of the work• Meeting of the Glion Referencing requirementsTotal Contribution to course mark 100%Resources Available:The use of the databases available to all students will be the base of the majority of students’ studies and they will be dependent on the specifics of their individual study. Data will also be available from both journalistic and academic sources, however, students are reminded that this study is directed towards the management practices in the real business world and thus the sources of data should predominantly come from those business and corporate sources.Tasks & Weighting:Research report of 5000 words 100%

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