How culture shapes a child’s personality and behavior.Explain

Details/Goals of what I am doing:
The goal of this paper is to know how personality develops within a child when they are born. I will be answering questions I have made up like; Does culture shape their personality and behavior and does temperament behaviors shape personality behaviors?

Learning Outcomes:
As a student who is learning a children, youth, and family studies major and someone who wants to work as an elementary school counselor in my future, I am deeply involved and interested in how personality can affect a child positively and negatively and learn why and what affects their behaviors. I feel this will help shape my learning in future areas in my life.

Grading Requirements and Due Date:
The paper should be organized around a deep considered, original and well-written thesis, with an introductory paragraph, a well-developed middle, and an appropriate conclusion. It should display critical thinking. The paper needs to have a cover page, body, APA style citing, the body of the paper should be 10 pages long (excluding title and APA cites) Times New Roman and pages are numbered. The paper should include a minimum of 10 sources (five online and five peer-reviewed articles) referenced more than once in in the body of the paper.

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