How did the post-1945 liberation/reform struggle develop?

. It is essential that you read Prashad closely, cite information from the relevant chapter and do additional reading in Roberts “The Penguin History Of The Twentieth Century” and Wikipedia (see details below).
The Prompt

After 1945, many people from formerly colonized or impoverished nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America organized movements of national liberation and/or social reform. Select one of the nations listed below, and answer in 150-200 words each the following four prompts in order below:

(1) How did the post-1945 liberation/reform struggle develop?

(2) How did leaders of it engage international organizations?

(3) After the liberation/reform struggle, how did leaders respond to internal differences?

(4) In more recent decades, how has the government responded to the economic, environmental or political effects of globalization?

You May Choose One of the Following Countries:


To get 100% on this, you MUST…

draw specific references from the Prashad book. (Each of these countries is discussed at length in at least one chapter.)
not discuss Algeria. (We’ve already discussed this case at length in lecture and in the films.)
draw examples from Roberts chapters on international organizations. (See Chapters 15-17.)
use in-line citations, i.e. “(Roberts, 275)”


…use the Wikipedia page for your nation.
…focus on the post-1945 history of this nation.

This time, I encourage you to begin research on a single nation by studying the Wikipedia page for your nation. This will provide you with basic details, maps, and pictures etc. Its ideal to start here, note some basic details of liberation struggles, identify key figures and events. THEN review the Prashad chapter and Roberts chapters on the post-1945 world.


THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY ASSIGNMENT, IT IS A RESPONSE ASSIGNMENT. You do NOT need to write an introduction or conclusion. INSTEAD focus here on responding directly to the prompts.

EVEN THOUGH IT IS A RESPONSE ASSIGNMENT, YOU MUST USE CITATIONS. We need to know where you get your evidence to support your response.

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