How does a disability analysis critique “normativity” and “productivity.”?Explain

1) Read the Erevelles article on Race and Disability: Summarize the key arguments (1-1/2 pages) Be sure to include:

a. What are they saying about disability as social construct rather than clinical category? b. How does disability oppression intersect with racial and gender oppression?

c. How does a disability analysis critique “normativity” and “productivity.”?

d. How does disability increase vulnerability to violence?

2) Read the Singer and the Tran articles? How are they disagreeing in terms of how they are analyzing productivity as well as the value or lack thereof of disability? What is your analysis of this debate? Fully explain. 1⁄2 – 1 page.

3) Find an example in the media of a person with a disability who was subject to violence (either in the home, by an institution, by the police, or another body). How did that person’s disability contribute to their being vulnerable to the violence? 1⁄2 page

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