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Structure and Content of the Report:-

Abstract – An abstract must follow the main title page. An academic abstract typically outlines four elements relevant to the completed work. It identifies the focus of the study (i.e. statement of the problem/ /research issue being addressed. IT gives an outline of the research methods used ( interviews, case studies, questionnaires, etc.) and the sample involved. It presents a brief overview of the results/findings of the research; and highlights the main conclusions and recommendations
The abstract should be approximately 200 words. An example can be found in Bell (2005). It is an overview and should be impersonal (no use of I) and written in the third person.

Introduction – The abstract should be followed by an Introduction section. This will include your aims and objectives, an outline of the main issues you are choosing to investigate and a description of the context of your study i.e. where the field work will be carried out. You should give a rationale (reason) for your choice of work. Why does it matter?

Literature Review – The literature review is a demonstration that you have read widely around your chosen topic. The search should include journals, books, government reports and where relevant internet sources, . This section should be a critical examination of the material i.e. showing that you can provide evidence to support both sides of the argument. You can use headings here to organise information in relation to the aims and objectives. (THIS SECTION IS WRITTEN AND WILL ALSO BE UPLOADED FOR THE WRITER TO READ)

Fieldwork – The field work section has two main parts; the methods section and the Findings and Analysis of Results. The methods section involves a discussion of the research methods you have used. This should draw on your work in EDU 2301 or equivalent and should justify your choice of approach and methods. It should describe the structure of the tools used. It should describe the sampling technique, the procedures followed, the participants taking part and ethical considerations. The findings need to be presented and analysed to maximise clarity for the reader. This often involves a mixture of summary tables, graphs and narrative descriptions of findings. The ethical guidelines that have been followed must be outlined in this section. Identify the relevant ethical concerns, outline how they have been dealt with and make note of the ethical approval form, cross referencing to where a copy can be found in the appendix. (I HAVE ONLY DECIPHERED THE RAW DATA AND INCLUDED IT WITH THE METHODOLOGY FOR THE WRITER TO ANALYSE. ALSO FOR THE INTERVIEWS I WOULD LIKE WRITER TO USE OPEN AND AXIL CODING)

Discussion – The discussion involves discussing what the findings have contributed to the understanding of your initial aims and objectives, implications and recommendations based on your findings. Information can be ordered under headings related to the initial aims/objectives. It should reference information from the literature review and from the findings (and/or appendices). Implications and recommendations based on the findings should be considered here.

This section should also have a section where you reflect and consider the strengths and limitations of the methods that you employed and changes you would make on reflection. This should also include a brief section where you reflect on your role as researcher – see notes online for this section
It will end with conclusions, implications of your research findings and potential recommendations linked to the original aims of the study.

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