How does China\’s political Nomaklatura system impact Chinese national security, external relations, nuclear strategy and weapons development?

This dissertation is based on a mixed methods approach(qualitative and quantitative).This dissertation will be checked for plagiarism through the Turn-it-in system.1)What is the nature and evolution of China\’s nuclear strategy and weapons development?2)Under the Political Nomaklatura system, who is pushing for peaceful rise, or aggressive role? How influential are these voices? How do these voices differ from the Military Nomaklatura system?-in China-U.S case, who is the potential spoiler (who in the U.S political system is pushing unilateral change to the status quo of restrain, and likewise in China?3) How influential is the Chinese Defense Industry as compared to the American military-industrial complex?4)How does Chinese factionalism impact national and nuclear security, and subsequently shift the delicate balance of regional and international security?-more specifically, how does it impact Chinese nuclear strategy and force deployment?Main grading criteriaResearch Question, Thesis, & Methodologya. What is the relationship(s) you are concerned about?b. What are the key concepts and how are they defined?c. How can you establish a causal link between an action and an outcome?d. How will you measure/evaluate/assess these actions and outcomes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your research method?e. Are you trying to establish a causal relationship? If so…i. What is the unit of study (e.g. a country)? Can I find variation across these units in the extent to which theyii. How can I establish a link between variables, using my theoretical framework?iii. What are alternative explanations for the outcomes I observe? Can I find a way to see if these alternative explanations really matter?

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