How does technology impact learning?

Technology and Learning: Paper Assignment #2
Causal Argument

For this paper you will attempt to uncover the link between technology and learning. You will support your argument with evidence and examples, and your final paper will be polished.

How does technology impact learning?
The question you pose that addresses this prompt will be complex and generate thorough research. You will provide examples, apply readings from class, and incorporate your personal experience, resulting in a sophisticated and thought-provoking causal argument that lasts several pages.

As we will talk and read about, there are many interpretations of this question-your paper will be your addition to the conversation! So in doing so, you are making an argument. Use the strategies we’ve talked about:

1. Make arguments for your causation. “If this, then that”. Your claim needs to be defensible and interesting, and use the argumentative strategies from class.
2. Incorporate class readings. Use critical reading strategies discussed (summary, paraphrase, quotation analysis, context, etc.).
 Wall Street Journal-Is the Internet Making You Dumber?
 Gee-What Video Games Have to Teach us About Learning and Literacy
 The Atlantic-Why Facebook is Making us Lonely
*You must cite at least ONE of these
3. Give concrete examples. We have considered many examples and situations, asking what the connection between these two ideas is. A good example is both interesting and original – avoid the obvious and examples already covered in class.
4. Incorporate your own views. Many of you have made strong arguments in your previous paper, and written passionately. (This essay is not a personal response paper, so this should be only part of the paper, and may be folded in with your concrete examples, see #3. This is the only instance where 1st person pronouns are acceptable).

You are writing this paper for a general, academic audience. This means that you can’t assume that people have read the articles we read in class. This is where the summary skills you’ve worked on will come into play – introduce a source before using it.

What I’m Grading
 Your ability to argue convincingly. The reader needs to be convinced by what you say, which means that you provide evidence and good examples. There should not be gaping holes in your definition.
 Your ability to incorporate course readings and ideas. This includes summarizing and quoting from class sources, as we’ve worked on in class.
 Your ability to incorporate concrete examples from your own life. We have worked on using your own experience in an academic way.
 Your ability to revise your work based on my feedback and peer review. Revise, read aloud, and rewrite!
 Your ability to meet the assignment requirements. So if you’re struggling, talk to me.
– Your argument must be at least four pages (to the bottom of the fourth page), and no longer than six pages. Must be in proper MLA format.
– First draft is due 3.3.16 at the beginning of class. Bring two copies to class. The late penalty applies starting at 3:35p, and electronic submissions are not acceptable.
– Conferences will be 3.8.16 and 3.10.16. Optional.
– Final draft is due 3.17.16, again at the beginning of class. I WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE OR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS.

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