How does the HR practices at princes Norah University effect the employee of the English college ? Explain

My research question is

How does the HR practices at princes Norah University effect the employee of the English college ?

Princes Norah university it is a female university in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

Before you start writing the paper I want you to send me an outline and some of the references that you are going to use !

I want to use some of this ideas ::::

Teaching English as second language in Riyadh University are poor and incorrect pronunciation, the use of Arabic in teaching English, no homework, carelessness in writing and no practical use of English writing skills.
There was also little or no utilization of books that assist in teaching the English language to those whose mother tongue is not English and no stress on elocution, dialogue or conversation.
In fact the teaching of English in our schools is done in a basic and rudimentary manner. Added to that is the weakness from the international teacher who are there first language are not English some of them are from India ,Egypt and Pakistan also, the inability of Saudi English language teachers to improvise and in the first year for the students they just start with novel poetry semantics and phonetics ?? and the student most of the students do not know the basic of the English language even !
However, I am not at all surprised at these findings. First of all I believe that teachers should be taught how to teach. They have to attend teacher training institutes where those who instruct them are themselves familiar with the latest English language teaching methodology. Those who teach English in our schools must be able to communicate in English and teach English by using English language not by using Arabic. In able to do that they must be strong in the English language – unfortunately, many are not. I know a lot of student did not survive and complete there degree and one of them is my nephew she failed because she was does not know English that much she just started to study the English Language in high school because she was in public school.

This is the instruction this 13 pages are the first part pf my paper when you finish it Later I waill send you the second part.

This is the instructions and you should have head line before each part

Required Course Project/Paper Format

• No more than 15 (no fewer than 13) double-spaced, paginated, and APA formatted pages, excluding title page and references in Times or Times New Roman font and 12 point type size.
• Fully proof read for Standard English and APA Style.
• This format guide will be used to grade your paper; therefore, please use it during every stage of your course project. It will help you explore your topic fully.
Text (Designated sections of your project shown below. Please read carefully)
• A background section that will briefly provide contextual information that will aid the reader’s
understanding of what will follow.
• Problem statement and significance of the problem, supported by citations.
• Statement of question to be answered as a result of your exploration (or the research question and relevant, hypotheses, if a research study is pursued).
• A discussion of why the topic is important to the field of human capital, human resource management, or higher education management in general. This section MUST include citations that support your argument for importance. Remember, this is not your “opinion.” It is extremely important that you have done a comprehensive reading of your topic. This will be facilitated by your assignments in “Phase Two” of our course.
• A statement explaining the purpose of the study.
• Operational definitions. [These are one to three sentences long and may be presented as “bullets.” These statements will be fleshed-out/discussed in more detail in the literature review.

II. Literature Review
• Provide a thorough explanation and exploration of your topic using scholarly journals and books.
• Provide a thorough explanation and exploration of the theoretical foundation (s) for your operational definitions. This is optional, but very helpful in framing your topic. You may use HE management theory (ies) or models that are relevant to your topic; however, you are not bound by HE management theory alone.
• This section will include all the information from the articles, books, and studies that you found are directly related to your topic (some of which were presented and explained during “Phase Two”). Please use only current literature (last 5 years or less).
• Include all sources cited in the text.
• In-text citations provide authority, credibility, and context to your written statements. They are also necessarily for academic and professional honesty. You must give proper credit to ideas that come from someone else.
• All references will be properly formatted in APA Style.
The following are examples for a book and a journal:
Leedy, P., & Ormrod, J. (2005). Practical research: Planning and design 8th edition. Upper
Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Merrill Prentice Hall. [This is a book citation]
Isabella, L. A. (2005). Using existing teams to teach about teams: How an MBA course
in managing teams helps students and the program. Journal of Management
Education, 29(3), 427-452. [This is a journal citation]

• Please refer to APA Guide – Sixth edition for reference list, citations, and formatting of paper.
• Each student will be responsible for presenting their course topic to the class via a formal presentation at the end of the semester. Please refer to the presentation schedule discussed in class.
• Tricia will be happy to review your paper as you progress, as well as advise you along the way. Please feel free to use her as a sounding-board during your work in progress.
• The above format is for research papers. Students may also choose to do an action project if desired. Discuss your idea(s) with Tricia for approval and assistance.

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