How Good Is the Evidence: Personal Observation, Research Studies, and Analogies?

Write a 50 to 100 word short-answer response for the following: 8 discussions

(1) How Good Is the Evidence: Personal Observation, Research Studies, and Analogies?


How effectively do your beliefs explain what is taking place?

(3) To what extent are these beliefs consistent with other beliefs you have about the world?

(4) How effectively do your beliefs help you predict what will happen in the future?

(5) To what extent are your beliefs supported by sound reasons and compelling evidence derived from reliable sources?

(6) The Internet is an incredibly rich source of information on almost every subject. But it’s important to remember that information is not knowledge. Information doesn’t become knowledge until we think critically about it. As a critical thinker, you should never accept information at face value without first establishing its accuracy. Explain why?

(7) These Japanese schoolchildren are viewing photographs showing the aftereffects of dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. What impact might photos like these have on future generations?

(8) What is your definition of a “family”? Describe your experiences as a family member growing up—what people comprised your family? Did the configuration of your family change over time?

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