How has online and news media censorship in China increased during the reign of Xi Jinping, and how effective is citizen journalism in the context of this censorship?

This question has to be addressed very SPECIFICALLY, with respect to the ONLINE and NEW MEDIA CENSORSHIP that enforced AFTER the reign of XiJinPing (year of 2013 onwards; i.e. the new media laws that he propose). Previous media laws are NOT appropriate to analyse and discuss at a deep level. However, the change in the media environment and how the Chinese citizen gleans information and news in the current era could be discussed with reference to the changing trade in the past decade.With respect to the citizen journalism, analysis has to adhere to how effective it is UNDER THIS CENSORSHIP regime, not solely talking about the effectiveness of citizen journalism in general.References can include a variety of academic sources, books, websites and news. HOWEVER, it is important that the MAJORITY of the sources SHOULD be ACADEMIC sources. News and websites just serve as a support and additional information.

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