“How has the digital age changed the meaning of drama?

Please write a review of annotated bibliography that was written by my classmate. I will upload it later. This annotated bibliography write about out project 2. And the project 2 needs to write about following instructions form our professor. “How has the digital age changed the meaning of drama? You have a wide range of possibilities but must clear your idea with me. Possibilities need not immediately respond to this question, but will relate to it. For example, choose a play and a film, an adaptation, television series or other complimentary medium to respond to the question. You might want to use another play production you have seen this term for comparisons. You will present your findings in class. Multi-modality is encouraged. Would a cd, podcast publicity poster or short performance best present your thesis? (for example, Consider the Greek theater CD tour.)”
Please consider that write a review of this annotated bibliography.

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