How Labor Rights Changed After Arab Spring From The Perspective Of HRM.Explain

The aim of my study is to proof my hypothesis which is: Labour performance improved as a result of specific and identifiable changes made by Human Resource Management.
The dissertation proved it due to a slight growth and many improvements in the HRM sector.
I need also stated in a very clear and good way at least 5 recommendations needed to be made by the HRM in the companies for better improvement in the labour performance. 5 very good recommendations which really should be taken into consideration.
1 only source in the conclusion in-texted in a very good way preferably online reference and I prefer the reference is Hofstede (1980) or anything like that but I prefer Hofstede.
The study was about the Arab spring countries but mainly Egypt and the analysis was from an interview and questionnaires for 1 manager and employees working in a huge bank in Egypt.
I hope the chapter can be finished in less than 24 hours but I don’t have this deadline option to choose.
Thank you in advance.

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