How many types of rewards are there at Nike?

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Interview question:
1. How many types of rewards are there at Nike? Are they in used at the same time or alternatively?

Heather: the main reward system would be swoosh bucks. (swoosh bucks are money you can earn to buy candy and food from the manager’s office) We also have frequent store vs store competitions as well. Swoosh bucks are a constant but the rest of the rewards are sporadic, so they are used at the same time.

Brianna: We have 4 main reward systems, swoosh bucks and personal opportunity are the constant ones. We also have a customer service survey which the customer answers. This one is only for intrinsic rewards but is a good way to show your effort. The fourth one is the contests we hold. These are primarily between stores but occasionally in store, these can be things such as who gets the best survey review, who sells the most ID shoes etc.. Prizes can be won as a group for the entire store if it is a store to store competition. They can go alternatively and at the same time, they all operate along a different time line.

Landon: 2, swoosh bucks and contests. Contests are held between stores to compete for prizes such as a pizza party. We also have in store contests. Currently we have one going on for a cold stone gift card.

Kosner: 3, Swoosh bucks, store to store competitions and in store contests. Swoosh bucks are always going. In store contests are also fairly frequent and store to store ones are more infrequent but they happen at least 2 at a time.

2. If there is anything you would improve or implement in your workplace’s reward system, what would it be and why?

Heather: I think the current system works, some people get more competitive than others. It would be ideal to be able to get everyone equally passionate about the prizes. Most people seem to work harder to know they are doing well more than for the prize.

Brianna: I am currently happy with the system (she is the main boss so she controls the store, aka if she wanted to change something she would lol)

Landon: We could have better prizes, one contest we had in store was for a pair of shoes, this had people working significantly harder than candy or ice cream. But that is out of our control at the store level, only contests thought up of by HQ can give away big prizes.

Kosner:(he said almost the same exact thing ^^^^word for word.)

3. Is there any other reward system that can motivate you at work?
Heather: (they are all exempt from all the contests, rewards etc all of their
Briana: motivation is intrinsic, and fueled by their desire to get promoted)

For Managers or Upper managers only:

1. Has the company had some problems with finding the right way to motivate its employees? If so then answer next question. How to increase work motivation and develop the reward system?

Heather: I think our employees have always been great about being motivated, however if there was anything we could do to give them that extra push it could be the swoosh bucks. We tried a few different variations of this already and this seems to be the most effective.

Brianna: We have had great motivation among our employees, I believe when you work at a company like this everyone wants to be a bigger part of the company so they are already so motivated to be successful that we do not have to provide much other incentive.

Landon: We have at times, the issue was worse at the outlet store I used to work at. The people here seem to be more motivated, being at the flagship store in the backyard of Nike seems to get more employees fired up. However if I were to identify a way that has helped a lot it would be clear communication of expectations and recognizing their effort when it happens.

Kosner: I like to be straight forward with my team so if I get the feeling that someone isn’t putting in their best work I try to talk to them and find out what’s going on. However if we are just talking some extra incentive swoosh bucks have been the most successful, we have spent about a year trying to figure out a good system.

2. Who decide and implement the reward type, manager or upper manager?

(everyone had the same answer for this one): We discuss it as a group, taking in input from the sales staff as well to try to figure out a new system. However final say does go to the Head coach (Brianna) and occasionally HQ if we want to give out a bigger prize.

3. What are difficulties in applying a suitable and functioning reward system that would motivate the employees in a proper way at Nike?
Heather: Everybody is motivated differently so that would be the biggest challenge. There is no one prize that will fire everyone up and get them motivated.
Brianna: The reward would be the hardest part, everyone appreciates having their hard work recognized, in my experience I have noticed a simple compliment goes much further than people think. I believe people have to work for themselves so the ultimate reward people want is recognition.
Landon: Everyone likes Nike products obviously so this would be the best prize, however we are not able to give out Nike product very often. This usually leaves us with giving out things such as gift cards and candy which is usually more of a perk than a motivator.
Kosner: Finding a functioning work system is not difficult but suitable is, I hear about commission frequently and I think it would be a good motivator however we have teams per category in our store and some teams sell much more product so this could cause lots of feelings of inequality and could create workplace tension. Giving away Nike product would also be a great incentive, however not as do able.

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