How the writers conveyed Humanity in their works

Please write one essay in no less than 4 pages double-spaced considering the following issues:

The readings that are given is what this paper must be about. There is no need for OUTSIDE sources. Therefore, regarding the readings such as Calais Jungle, the journalists involved in the writing of the stories of the refugees, Sarahs Key the novel and the poem The Neighbor. Think about the novel Sarahs Keys. Remember, also, the poem, Neighbour. What are the common themes among these different pieces of writing? Talk about these themes and discuss the main points about our humanity that the different writers try to convey through their works. Please use very specific examples from the texts and direct quotations to support your arguments.

Please if you have any questions ask me. I have uploaded attachments which is what the paper would need to be about such as the readings. If you have an issues viewing it let me know. If you can not do the assignment let me know ahead of time.

Thank you in advance.

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