How to response to scenarios regarding to over the counter medications (OTC).

Community pharmacy placement
My first community placement for this academic year took part in Meadows pharmacy. Initially pharmacist introduced the role the staffs’ member as well as their qualification and how each member of staff contributes to their work in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the pharmacy.
Objectives achieved during the community pharmacy placement
• How to response to scenarios regarding to over the counter medications (OTC)
• Understanding of the procedure and roles provided by Norchem healthcare pharmacy operating procedure November 2013 regarding for pharmacists/pharmacises
• The journey of the dispensing prescription
• labeling and dispensing prescription
Part 1
During this placement I and my colleague were given scenarios regarding to over the counter medication. The responsible pharmacist asked us to complete the tasks within 30 minutes. After we completed to tasks, the pharmacist went to through the scenarios with us and checked if the medications that we decided to dispense were correct. I have given the two examples of the scenarios that we carried out.
Scenario 1-One of the scenarios was about a 10 year old girl having severe sour trout. She visits the pharmacy with her mom in the airport and they are about to leave for holiday so what action would you take as pharmacist and what would you dispense for the 10 year old?
Solution – I decided to dispense Paracetamol 500mg 1-2 every four to six hours to relief pain as well as stripsel (lozenges) for sour throat.

Part 2
The 2nd part of this placement was to go through journey of dispensing prescription. The pre-registration pharmacist dispensed one prescription. First of all check the legal requirement (name, address of the both prescriber and patient, age of the patient, appropriate date and signature of the prescriber), clinical requirements (correct dose for correct indication, strength, form of the medication) and then prepared the label for the medication and the prescription was passed to responsible pharmacist. After the responsible pharmacist carried out the final accuracy check of both prescription and labeled medication, the prescription was dispensed.

Part 3
After observing the journey of the dispensing prescription, I and my colleague were given few prescriptions to dispense. We took all the relevant steps required for dispensing a prescription such as legal and clinical check of the prescription including label preparation. Then the prescription was transferred to responsible pharmacist for final check.

What do you need to learn?
I need to learn and understand how to response in scenarios regarding to over the counter medications (OTC) since I found difficult few of the scenarios given to me during this placement
How did you identify what you needed to learn?
After carrying the task during my placement. This is because the medications I dispensed for the scenarios were not relevant.
Why is this learning important to you and your studies?
As a future pharmacist It is extremely important for me to make sure I dispense correct medication for correct indication in order not to put patients life in danger.
What might you need to do in order to achieve this?
I need to do summer placements and gain experience. As well as I need to go through my therapeutics seminars sessions and lecture notes
When did you complete the activities outlined in your plane?
After finishing the placement I went through my notes and scenarios we did in class in therapeutic sessions and also I looked at my lecture notes too.
What have you learnt?
I learnt about how to response to scenarios associated to over the counter medication such as it is not appropriate for the patient to take two NSIADs together such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen since two NSIADs would contribute to GI disturbance.
Have you learnt what you set out to learn?
Yes I did learn.
If you have not fully achieved what you intended, what do you plan to do next?
I tried my best and fortunately learnt what I aimed for.

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