How to support an argument and avoid logical fallacies. Explain

You may think of arguments as negative confrontations where two or more people cannot come to a reasonable resolution of their perceived differences. Argument, though, can be positive in the context of advocating the need for change. While you may be passionate about an idea for change, you will also want to be precise in how you design your argument in order to influence how a person thinks about your idea for change.

For this units Discussion, go to the website ( and select a speech; you will then analyze the argument made by the speaker. Be sure to select a TED Talks video with a debatable claim so that you are able to address the questions below. (try to post the presenters name, topic, and a link to the TED talk at the beginning of your post so that everyone can find it if they would like). I chose Michael Green at If this doesnt work you may pick on that fit the above critera.

You will use the Toulmin Model to analyze the selected video. While the video does not need to relate to your chosen topic, it may help to choose a video that you can use as further evidence in an argument for change in your community or workplace. Please see the attached Unit4_Discussion_Sample
After reviewing your selected video from, respond to the following prompts in paragraph format:

1. Identify the claim, type of claim (a claim of policy, claim of value, claim of cause, ethical argument, proposal argument, etc.) , supporting evidence, and assumptions you think the speaker used in his or her argument.

2. Describe what aspects of the argument you felt were particularly strong or weak.

3. How will you use the Toulmin Model to strengthen an argument for change in your community or workplace?

4. Please see the attached Unit4_Discussion_Sample

5. Use three References . Two are already provided.

Clements, K. (2011, March). How to support an argument and avoid logical fallacies. Retrieved from

Clements, K. (2013, September 6). The three appeals of argumentative writing [Podcast]. Effective Writing Podcast Series. Retrieved from

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