How to write a CV ( CV training workshop).Explain

this is a training workshop for the student in class we choose the topic of how to write a CV so we will teach our classmates about writing CV by training them and make for them activities.
i want you to make for me Task 1:
1. training need analysis: what gap need to enhance by doing a small questioner which consist from 5 to 6 question to know where is the gap about this topic make a hypothetical survey to 6 students some of them did not make a cv and others did a work placement and has used cv for work placement.
2. training advertisement: make for me poster about advertising that we have a cv training.
3. Training lesson plan: write for me the SMART objectives specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.
which is our objective of doing this training and at what time we will do it it will be in one lesson for one hour and we are a group of three student each student should talk up to 15 minutes.
4. handout materials: this i will hand out all the papers to the teacher
5. Feedback form: prepare for me a feedback form on our attitude how we deliver to the student the training course were they satisfy or not.
6. Certificate of attendance: write for me a certificate thanking the student that attending this training session.

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