How would you describe your community college academic experience?

answer questions:1. How would you describe your community college academic experience? Has it been \”a walk in the park,\” \”an uphill climb,\” or something else? Fill in the blank with your own expression and explain. (Limit 600 characters)2. Cooke Scholars are committed to making the world a better place. They are inventing solutions, advocating for others, and giving back to their communities. However, most started with small steps. What steps, big or small, have you taken to make your own impact on the world? (Limit 600 characters)3. Discuss the subject about which you most love learning. What sparked your interest or passion in this subject? (Limit 600 characters)Essay:1. What is very important and under discussed? (Limit 1800 characters)file attached is my last essay, some information you may need

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