Human Resource Practise – Work-life balance

Essay Outline

Work life balance (Could you please give essay title suited according to the structure of the essay)

1) INTRODUCTION (400 words)
a. Context of
i. Work life balance (what is it, why is it important, relations to HR practices…in brief)
ii. Work life balance (public sector, private sector or local government) (you can specified to one sector or you can use public and private sector and local government as well as examples)
iii. Aims and Objectives of the essay (should be very focused!!)
b. Approach to essay question (methodology and Structure of the essay…..)


a. Definitions and scope of Work life balance
b. Categorisation of theoretical point of views which related to work life balance and Human Resource Management (Theoretical overview/arguments about work life balance and HRM)
c. Examination of the presented theories (in theoretical review part)
d. Work life balance
i. Positive…..
ii. Negative……


Should be structured in accordance with the stated Aims and Objectives of the essay!
a. Give some examples like the attached examples (IKEA & W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.) You can also use the examples I have attached.
b. Findings (results) of your research (ANSWER THE ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS)
c. Analysis of your findings (ARGUMENT/DISCUSS/ LINK THE Qs To your case)

4) CONCLUSION (300 words)
a. Brief summary of the essay
b. Understanding of significance of work life balance in an organisation
c. Suggestions and recommendation (if you have any…..)
d. Your concluding remarks

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