Human Rights—Concepts and Applications

Free features: Outline, Unlimited Amendments, Title Page, Bibliography, Formatting, Plagiarism CheckFor this Assignment, you reflect on your perception of human rights and its role in public administration. You also examine the potential implications that human rights literature might have for public administrators.The Assignment (3–4 pages in APA format): Your Assignment should include the following:• A detailed and objective description of the human rights issues presented in this week’s readings• An explanation of the nature of the issue(s) and its significance to you as a public administrator• An explanation of what the readings meant to you in the context of your feelings, values, knowledge, and experience• An explanation of the implications these readings might have for public administrators• A summary of one of the following:o What you learned about yourself as a public administrator based on your reaction to the readingso What you learned about global governance from examining these readingso Why this knowledge is important to you as a developing public administratoro How you might apply this knowledge in your future practice

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