Identify a current or recent strategic initiative for your selected organization.

Project description
Select a health care organization that is not discussed in Chapter 22 or in the Required Resources material.
Identify the organization\’s six major components of strategic planning (mission, values, vision, objectives, goals, and action plans).
You should be able to easily identify the organization\’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals using readily available web-based resources. If you are unable to identify all of these four components, you will need to select a new organization.
You may not be able to easily identify the organization\’s Objectives and Action Plans as easily. This is because this information is often not publically available or strictly confidential. You may need to infer these two components, based on the next step in your research process.
Identify a current or recent strategic initiative for your selected organization. Research this initiative until you are clear about the description of the initiative, the time-frame of the initiative, the purpose of the initiative, the rationale for the initiative, and the anticipated/achieved outcomes. As you conduct your research, think about the who-what-where-when-why of the initiative so that you are sure that you have gathered all of the necessary information.

NOTE TO WRITER: PLEASE REFER TO THE FOLLOWING TWO SOURCES: Health Care Finance: Basic Tools for Nonfinancial Managers (4th Ed.) and

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