Identify a sample data set and a narrative you wish to construct with that data.

The document you produce should be roughly 2-3 pages long, including visuals. Please use a report style, which means single spacing and the use of headings and a strong forecasting statement.

This document will have three parts:

1. Identify a sample data set and a narrative you wish to construct with that data. Below are some great sites with voluminous data; you may also bring in your own data set if you wish. The important next steps after identifying a small, manageable set of data to work with will be the following. No need to create the visual just yet; instead, simply write our your responses to these bullet points:

  • · Identify the narrative you wish to construct with the data. For example, pulling from World Bank data you could compare life expectancy rates for two nations in order to make a claim. Or, pulling from Acclaimed Music, you could show the rise and fall of gangsta rap.

· Describe your audience, purpose, and context.

  • · Select and describe the visual you will create and explain why the visual approach you’re taking is the best for your chosen rhetorical situation.

Sample data sets:


2.  Make a visual that fulfills the requirements of the rhetorical situation you identified in the first part.


3. Detail your plan for testing the effectiveness of your visual. Include the metrics you will use, the methods you will use to determine if your visual meets those metrics, and the actual interview questions or other instrument(s) you will use for gathering your data

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