Identify and discuss the mechanisms to address cost and quality.

By now most Americans know that change is coming in health care due to the President\’s new plan. We have heard that it will allow more people access to care. However as full implementation draws near, we are now hearing that things aren\’t going to go quite as planned. What does that mean for those organizations that will be providing that care? This very topic is discussed in the article entitled:Kellis, Dana S,M.D., F.A.C.H.E., Rumberger, Jill S,PhD., M.B.A., & Bartels, B., F.A.C.H.E. (2010). Healthcare reform and the hospital industry: What can we expect? Journal of Healthcare Management, 55(4), 283-96; discussion 296-7.Case Assignment After reading the article referenced above, please respond to the following questions.Briefly summarize the article. What are the key points that the authors make about cost, quality, and reform?Why do the authors believe that the current mixed model of government and competition have led to our current state of excess costs?Identify and discuss the mechanisms to address cost and quality. Which one do you believe will be the most effective?*please add URL Link to reference and subheadings please

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