Identify common themes for effective facilitation.

The purpose of this discussion question is to demonstrate an ability to Identify common themes for effective facilitation. You will be asked to identify common themes found in the reading, videos, slides, and your own meeting experience related to effective facilitation. You will be asked to address all questions listed in this assignment. The latter includes discussing how the skills and characteristics relate to your recent experience with facilitation and meetings.

To prepare for this discussion:

1). Reflect upon the qualities of effective facilitators based on the reading in Chapter 12.

2). Think back to the most productive meetings you have attended. Make a list of the characteristics that described these meetings and the people leading the meetings.

Discussion Post: Develop a written discussion post whereby you discuss your top 3 characteristics that support effective facilitation. Be specific when discussing the course material, using APA citation when referencing ideas in the reading or video examples. Why are these characteristics or skills important to communicating and managing conflict? Have you recognized these skills or characteristics in recent meetings that you have attended? What qualities of an effective facilitator do you already have and which would you like to work on?

Your discussion post should contain about 400-500 words. Respond to the posts of at least 2 other students. See Discussion FORUM & Responses guidelines and Grading Discussion Rubric in the Course Syllabus for discussion assignment expectations and grading criteria.

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